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Energy system tests demonstrated the importance of “Ignitis gamyba” power plants for the safety of the entire system

Company News

In recent weeks, the power plants of "Ignitis Gamyba", which is the subsidiary of the international energy company "Ignitis Group", participated in tests which are of importance for the Lithuanian energy system and which demonstrated the significance of the capacity operated by the company for the security of the entire national and regional energy system.

On August 1st and 2nd, in Lithuania a test of the operation of a part of the isolated Lithuanian energy system was carried out. Kruonis Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant (the KPSHP) operated by the company “Ignitis gamyba”, Unit 7th of Elektrėnai complex and a combined cycle gas turbine unit (CCGT) also participated in this test.

During the test, technical preparation of tertiary active power reserve and isolated network operation service providers as well as the potential of the units to operate in an isolated system in performing primary frequency adjustment were also inspected.

“Tests like this are carried out to ensure the reliable operation of the Lithuanian electricity system and in purposeful preparation for synchronous operation with continental European networks. We have seen once again that the power plants operated by "Ignitis gamyba" are prepared for secure and stable operation even when operating in isolated emergency mode”, - says Rimgaudas Kalvaitis, the CEO of “Ignitis gamyba”.

According to a predefined test scenario, the power plants initially operated under a normal network status, and later the network was isolated and started operating in island mode. The operation of the primary frequency regulators of the generators and their interaction were inspected by simulating interferences. The commercial production in the KPSHP and CCGT was not conducted during the test.

“Black start” tests in the hydroelectric power plants

On July 25, internal tests of electricity system recovery after a total accident were successfully carried out in the hydroelectric power plants - Kruonis PSP and Kaunas HPP - which are operated by "Ignitis gamyba". During these tests, the “Black start” automation of the hydroelectric power plants was tested.

“The hydroelectric power plants are constantly operating, they reliably serve the energy needs of the country, and therefore we do not doubt about their potential. And this electrical system recovery test confirmed once again that we are prepared for unexpected situations. The power plants operated by "Ignitis gamyba" ensure the security and stability of the Lithuanian electricity system”, - states R. Kalvaitis, the CEO of “Ignitis gamyba”.

The tests of the hydroelectric power plants were carried out by simulating voltage collapse in the Lithuanian electricity system. The possibility of launching the hydro units of Kaunas HPP and Kruonis PSHP in the event of absence of voltage and of supplying voltage to the Lithuanian electricity system was also verified. These hydropower plants are the only power plants in Lithuania which have the "Black Start" function and which participate in the tests of energy system recovery after a total accident.

Both tests of the national energy system were initiated by “Litgrid", which is the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator. Similar tests of the recovery of the Lithuanian electricity system are carried out every year.