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Final BALTSO Meeting Held in Vilnius

Vilnius, June 1, 2009. Today, for the last time, members of the main organization for cooperation of transmission system operators of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – BALTSO gathered in Vilnius. This organization, functioning since March 31, 2006, on July 1 of this year will become a part of ENTSO-E – European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. 

“Although every end is the beginning of something new, the goals of Baltic States do not change,” - Mr.Darius Masionis, CEO of Lietuvos Energija AB, Board Member of ENTSO-E, said in the welcome speech. “BALTSO was established to promote cooperation among Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian high voltage operators and altogether pursue common goals. Our participation in ENTSO-E will only strengthen us in reinforcement of energy security across the Baltics and ensure the reliability of electricity supply.“

According to D.Masionis, of paramount importance will also remain key issues of synchronous operation of energy systems of the Baltic States and efficient operation of their electricity markets.

CEO of Lietuvos Energija AB further elaborated that the accession to ENTSO-E will not only foster the integration of European electricity market, ensuring the security and reliability of operation of electricity transmission systems: “What is also important is that this organization will serve as a platform for creation of single pan-European rules for operation of high voltage grid operators, long-term grid development plans and common operation strategy of future Europe's high voltage grid operators. D. Masionis also noted that ENTSO-E will work by holding continuous consultation with European regulation institutions and European Commission. 

Today BALTSO members will revise and approve the last transfer issues of organization’s functions to ENTSO-E.

By July 1 besides BALTSO, all other associations of European transmission system operators – ETSO, UCTE, NORDEL, UKTSOI, ATSOI are committed to terminate their activities. Since July 1 they will merge into a joint network of European transmission system operators

Briefly about Lietuvos Energija AB:

Lietuvos Energija AB is a subsidiary of the national investment company LEO LT AB, which performs functions of electricity transmission grid (110-330 kV voltage) owner, system operator and market operator and seeks to ensure the stability of electricity transmission and power system in Lithuania. LEO LT AB controls 96.4 per cent of Lietuvos Energija AB shares.

About ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity):

On December 19, 2008, a new association was established by CEOs of the European companies performing the functions of transmission system operators in 42 countries – the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). The association was formed on the basis of former international organisations as UCTE, ETSO, NORDEL, BALTSO and the UK‘s and Irish associations, which previously had operated as a separate area.  ENTSO-E covers the entirety of Europe including non-EU states such as Norway and Switzerland.  Darius Masionis, CEO of Lietuvos Energija AB was selected to the Board of the association.

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