Electricity Generation

Ignitis Gamyba has licences to produce electricity for an unlimited duration. The company operates the Lithuania's largest electricity generation facilities: Elektrėnai Complex, Kruonis Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant, Kaunas Hydro Power Plant (KHPP) and Vilnius Power Plant-3.

The electricity generated in power plants owned by Ignitis Gamyba is traded on the international Nord Pool power market. In addition, based on contracts with the Lithuanian transmission system operator Litgrid AB, Ignitis Gamyba sells the regulation and balancing electricity and provides other ancillary services.

Ignitis Gamyba is implementing the National Energy Strategy by fulfilling the necessary conditions for the Lithuanian energy independence and security. The main role of the company is to maintain in-country capabilities necessary to cover Lithuania's electricity demand. We believe that concentration of electricity generation capabilities ensures effective management and modernisation of this sector.

Ignitis Gamyba plays a key role in ensuring reliable and effective strategic generation and significantly contributes to the Group 2023-2026 strategy by developing the power generation capacity from renewable energy sources and implementing innovations. KHPP  and KPSHP  use hydropower – a clean and renewable source of energy. The company started using biomass to diversify its energy-generation sources and promote further development of renewable energy sources in Lithuania. Furthermore, Ignitis Gamyba, together with its partners, started a pilot floating solar power plant project in the upper reservoir of KPSHP.

Elektrėnai complex