About Ignitis Gamyba

A part of Ignitis Group, Ignitis Gamyba is a strategic power generation company. It owns and develops strategic electricity generation capacities in Lithuania: Kruonis Pump Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant, Combined Cycle Unit and Reserve Power Plant in Elektrėnai Complex, Kaunas Hydro Power Plant and Vilnius Power Plant-3. The company helps to ensure reliability and security of the energy systems in the whole Baltic and Nordic region as well as contributes to a historical change – synchronization of the Baltic States with the Continental European grids in 2025.

To pursue its long-term vision and ensure continuity and sustainability of operations, Ignitis Gamyba is actively contributing to the implementation of the ambitious Group’s strategy 2020, putting an increasing focus on driving innovations and developing the green generation capacities. The company is already implementing a couple of pilot projects: energy storage system to be installed at Kaunas HPP and floating solar power plant at Kruonis PSHP.

In order to perform its functions properly and effectively, Ignitis Gamyba puts a lot of emphasis on innovative, market-driven technological and scientific solutions, increasing operational efficiency, and professional development of its employees.


The mission of Ignitis Gamyba is to be a reliable and highly advanced energy-production company providing the services necessary for the security and stability of the energy system.


The vision of Ignitis Gamyba is to become a competitive international centre of competence for energy production and related services.


The strategic objectives of Ignitis Gamyba are to increase the company’s value, ensure the provision of high-quality services to the clients, improve the operating efficiency, involve and enable its employees, diversify and expand its business.

The company seeks these goals in line with the fundamental values: responsibility, cooperation, and result.