Elektrėnai Complex

The largest power plant in the country, producing electricity and heat and providing ancillary services. Elektrėnai complex combines a reserve power plant, a combined cycle unit, biomass and steam boilers

Vilnius Power Plant-3

The third most powerful power plant in Lithuania. Currently in the preservation mode

Kruonis pumped storage hydroelectric power plant (PSHP)

The only power plant of such type in the Baltic states, designed for balancing the generation and consumption of electricity and for ensuring the emergency reserve of the Lithuanian power energy

Business development and innovations' projects

In playing its key role – ensuring a reliable and effective strategic generation, Ignitis Gamyba will also significantly contribute to the strategy LE 2030 by developing the capacities of power generation from renewable resources and implementing innovations

We carry out these activities

Electricity Generation

Ignitis gamyba has licences to produce electricity for an unlimited duration…

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The main projects under implementation...

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