Dismantling of the Elektrėnai reserve power plant chimneys

The research carried out in 2018 showed that two out of three chimneys in Elektrėnai Complex (250 m high and 150 m high) are heavily influenced by negative environmental factors and corrosion, thus posing a threat not only to the surrounding buildings, but also to the people who work around them. To ensure maximum safety, a decision to dismantle the chimneys that were built in the beginning of the 60s and served the reserve power plant units, has been adopted. The scope of the demolition works to be carried out has no precedents in Lithuanian history. The 250 m high chimney has been used to emit smoke from the 5th and 6th units of the reserve power plant, currently in a process of dismantling. The lower 150 m high chimney has served the needs of the already dismantled units 1-4. Both chimneys have not been used since 2014, after the decision to put units 1-6 into the preservation mode has been adopted.

Works to be done

The estimated duration of the demolition works is 2 years. The higher (250 m) chimney will be dismantled first since it has higher levels of electrochemical corrosion and its condition worsens with every winter. The planned demolition works should start at the end of Summer 2019. Later on, the smaller (150 m high) chimney will be dismantled. After the dismantling process, the third (250 m high) chimney that is currently serving the needs of the 7th and 8th units of the reserve power plant will stand alone. The reconstruction of the third chimney was carried out in 2014. It is worth noting that without substantial investments, 7th and 8th units of the Elektrėnai reserve power plant may be used until the year 2023 due to tightening EU standards on emissions.

  • Reduced risk of accidents;
  • Cost-saving due to lower operating and repair costs.