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Responsible business

Directions of social responsibility

The activities of Ignitis Gamyba shall be governed by the Sustainability Policy of Ignitis Group. Based on its vision, mission, values and strategic goals, the Group realises its social responsibility through targeted activities in the four key areas – environmental, relations with employees and society, and market activities.

Social responsibility in the field of environmental protection

  • The Group promotes and employs innovative tools, technologies and processes that meet sustainability standards and help reduce the environmental impact.
  • In accordance with the principles of sustainable development and pollution prevention, the Group shall implement cost-reducing elements in its activities, focus on waste sorting, and promote rational management and use of resources. The Group promotes and actively participates in environmental initiatives, as well as in preventive programmes that ensure environmental protection.

Social responsibility in relations with employees

  • Employees are the main and most important factor of successful activities of the Group and the Group’s aim is to apply advanced systems of operations management and remuneration to create conditions for development and education of personal, professional and general competencies, to promote the respect of human rights and to take care of human rights protection in a workplace, in compliance with the prohibition of discrimination based on age, gender, origin and beliefs laid down in the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and labour laws, and to ensure equal rights for employees.
  • The Group shall pay special attention to the protection of employees’ health, the prevention of occupational diseases and the promotion of physical activity.
  • The Group recognizes the right of employees to join trade unions or associations voluntarily and the right to negotiate with the employer.

Social responsibility in relations with the society

  • The Group maintains and promotes business-to-public cooperation based on common sustainable development interests, seeks to ensure long-term business and societal progress, contributes to social development and prosperity of society, and reports to the public about its activities.
  • The Group takes care of public education of the energy sector (electrical safety standards, improvement of energy efficiency, etc), promotes citizenship, responsibility, sustainability and awareness by voluntarily establishing its own and engaging in public initiatives, and actively collaborates with local communities.
  • The Group promotes professional activities of young people, knowledge sharing, actively collaborates with secondary and higher education institutions, academia and provides opportunities for students to carry out internships.
  • The Group promotes and supports its employees’ and communities’ volunteering activities for the benefit of the society.

Socially responsible market activities

  • The Group promotes ethical, transparent and fair cooperation with customers, suppliers, investors and collaborates with partners to help implement socially responsible business principles.
  • The Group shall endeavour to ensure that all information is provided in a clear and comprehensible manner and is timely and not misleading.
  • The Group does not tolerate any form of corruption, and principally seeks to prevent them both internally and externally by familiarising employees with fair business principles and ethical norms and promoting fair business policy and transparent communication with state institutions, in cooperation with organisations that promote ethical and socially responsible attitudes towards business in Lithuania.